Quadra Plex is family owned and operated, with a background in drain cleaning equipment since the 1940's.

We were the first drain cleaning manufacturer to add a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and air controlled foot switch for user shock safety.






We design and manufacture all of our products in house in the USA with the professional plumber in mind.

We believe quality is not a compromise. All our equipment is built to last and work when you need it.

Why choose Quadra Plex Drain Cleaning Equipment? Because Quadra Plex equipment is built to last and make your job as a professional simpler.

Call us and ask how our equipment could make your drain cleaning jobs easier and more profitable.




Drain cleaner

model 2000+

& MODEL 3000

variable speed


model 300

Equipped with 25 to 37 feet of 1/4" or 5/16” cable. Designed for through-trap use. For minor stoppages in sinks, showers, bath tubs, floor drains, and laundry tubs.


toilet auger

model 100 & 200

Equipped with 6’ of ½” cable. Cleans more than just toilets. For use in showers, traps, floor drains, and overhead entries.


The only machine on the market that “snaps” from a main line application to a sink line application in seconds. All models offer the flexibility of running either main or sink line cartridges, while being compact enough for one person to operate. They are engineered to withstand tough abuse while offering versatility and convenience.