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Model 300 VIPER-Elite TRAPSNAKE (Cleans drains 1 1/2” -2”)

Equipped with 25 to 37 feet of 5/16” cable. Designed for use through-trap use. For minor stoppages in sinks, showers, bath tubs, floor drains, and laundry tubs.


  • No Electricity… never get shocked
  • Chromed steel construction… built to last
  • Open cage design allows for easy cleaning
  • Telescopic guide tube… guides cable, preventing kinking…longer length allows less interference with fixtures


  • Drum Capacity: Holds up to 37’ of 5/16” cable
  • Weight: 10lbs. loaded w/25’x5/16”cable... 12 lbs.w/37’x5/16” cable
  • Size: 27 ½”Lx8”Wx8”H

Part# 78- Model 300 with 37’ of cable $195.00
Part# 79- Model 300 with 25’ of cable $187.00

Model 100A Toilet Auger
toilet auger

Equipped with 6’ of ½” cable. Cleans more than just toilets! For use in showers, traps, floor drains, and overhead entries.


  • Flexible Spring End
  • Non-mar clear vinyl guard encasing spring end
  • “Sure-Grip” handle
  • Telescopic adjustment allows for length to extend to a total of 6’
Part# 80- Model 100 Auger $46.00    
Toilet Auger Refill
Bulbous Spring End Replacement
auger refill
bulbous spring end
Part# 6- $29.00
Part# 48- $4.00
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